The Effects of Technology

Each generation has a common theme attached to them. For us and the generation below us, it’s technology. My very first post on this blog is about technology in the classroom so I don’t want to hammer that down too much (I encourage you to scroll down and read it). I mostly talked about a more student directed classroom and never went into much detail. Katrina Schwartz talks about how we can use the exponentially growing technology field to our advantage and to the students’ advantage.

I think she brings up an excellent point about not only getting students interested in doing coursework, but maybe more importantly getting to connect with students. In order to make it most effective, teachers should be playing those games with their class. Games are also a great way to motivate those under-performing students who are awaiting that extra push from their teacher.

With all of this theoretical thinking of how to implement technology, let’s be more realistic. We all know that technology is only as good as the one implementing it.

Screen Shot 2015-04-28 at 9.27.23 PMI highly encourage you all to follow Matthew Lynch and receive many articles and blogs about the various issues with education. One of his articles on The Edvocate talks about how the record high graduation rate may be due to the technological upgrade. Personally, I would never say this high rate is solely due to technology, but I will agree that the technology helps directly when students are able to access more material and be in better communication with their learning. I also believe it helps indirectly when teachers can use it to share resources with each other, to collaborate with other educators, and even to better animate mathematical, economical, and historical models.

Technology is an fast growing tool that needs to be taken advantage of in many expertise, but most importantly: education. I want to leave you with a question; How fast will education affect our education? Skim through another one of Lynch’s posts and see if you agree.

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One Response to The Effects of Technology

  1. Karla says:

    Michael –
    I like the way you return to the topic of technology for this final blog (though I encourage you to keep blogging!). Thanks for sharing the links to Dr. Lynch’s blog — there is a lot of rich information there on so many topics!


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